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April 20 2014


April 13 2014


April 06 2014


March 30 2014


March 23 2014


March 16 2014


March 14 2014


Spies like us: The secret life of Ernest Oldham

The security service files held at The National Archives in series KV 2 reveal that many people involved in espionage, like Foreign Office clerk Ernest Oldham, were ordinary folk who entered an extraordinary world by chance – often with tragic consequences. His story, told through phone intercepts, surveillance notes and secret service reports, reveals the human cost of spying in the 1920s and 1930s.

Dr Nick Barratt works in the Advice and Records Knowledge department. Previously he ran was involved in researching and presenting a number of television series. He has published several books, most recently Greater London: The Story of the Suburbs, and he lectures regularly about history and the media.

March 09 2014


March 07 2014


Big Ideas: The Great Archive Debate: a view from York

James Cronan, Diplomatic and Colonial Records Specialist at The National Archives, outlines the events around the United Kingdom’s entry to the European Economic Community.

The Keeper’s Gallery Talk 2014: The UK’s entry to the European Economic Community

James Cronan, Diplomatic and Colonial Records Specialist at The National Archives, outlines the events around the United Kingdom’s entry to the European Economic Community.

He is so silly he would rather have a half pence than a shilling: Discovering the history of learning disability

Simon Jarrett explores the fascinating and little-known world of the history of people with learning disabilities, known variously over time as idiots, imbeciles, defectives and the mentally handicapped. Using court records, government files, parish records, prints, art and even jokes we can unearth a rich vein of often surprising information, reaching back to medieval times. Simon Jarrett is a Wellcome Trust doctoral researcher at Birkbeck, University of London, working on ‘idiocy’ in the eighteenth century. He is the author of Disability in time and place, an English Heritage web resource, and is writing a book on the same subject. You can see Hogarth’s Marriage à-la-mode series on Wikipedia and photographs of Cell Barnes Hospital on the Out of Sight, Out of Mind? website This talk formed part of The National Archives’ Diversity Week 2014.

March 02 2014


February 28 2014


Security Service file release February 2014

Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of ‘The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5′, introduces key files from the 30th release of Security Service files to The National Archives in February 2014. The latest release brings the total number of MI5 files at Kew to 5,138. Notable files in this collection include previously unseen material on the former Labour MP, Geoffrey Bing and the actor Michael Redgrave.

February 23 2014


February 22 2014


DeepSec 2013 Video: Hack The Gibson – Exploiting Supercomputers

Hey, you! Yes, you there! Want to get root on thousands of computers at once? We know you do! Who wouldn’t? Then take a good look at supercomputers. They are not a monolithic and mysterious as Wintermute. Modern architecture links thousands of nodes together. Your typical supercomputer of today consists of a monoculture of systems […]

February 21 2014


DeepSec 2013 Video: Prism Break – The Value Of Online Identities

Everything you do online creates a stream of data. Given the right infrastructure this data trails can be mined to get a profile of who you are, what you do, what your opinions are and what you like or do not like. Online profiles have become a highly desirable good which can be traded and […]

February 19 2014


DeepSec 2013 in Pictures

For those who were not present at the DeepSec 2013 conference (shame on you!) we have compiled a selection of photographs taken at the event. Static imagery cannot give you the full experience, but maybe you want to drop by in 2014! Credits and our big thank you go to our graphic designer and our […]

DeepSec 2013 Video: Risk Assessment For External Vendors

CIOs don’t like words like „third party“ and „external vendor“. Essentially this means „we have to exchange data and possibly code with organisation that handle security differently“. Since all attackers go for the seams between objects, this is where you have to be very careful. The fun really starts once you have to deal with […]

February 18 2014


DeepSec 2013 Video: From Misconceptions To Failure – Security And Privacy In The US Cloud Computing FedRAMP Program

The „Cloud“ is the Fiddler’s Green of information technology. It’s a perpetual paradise built high above the ground where mortal servers and software dwell. Everyone strives to move there eventually, because once you are in digital paradise, then all your sorrows end. So much for the theory. The reality check tell a different story. This […]

February 17 2014


From deviance to diversity?

Finding sexuality and sexual science in the archives. Dr Lesley Hall, Senior Archivist at the Wellcome Library, examines sources at the Wellcome Library on questions of sexuality from approximately 1800 to the present, with particular reference to the roles of medicine and the psychological sciences. She also considers related collections worldwide, with particular reference to the impact of European fascism on individuals and the archival record. Dr Lesley Hall has written extensively on gender and sexuality in the 19th and 20th centuries, including (with the late Roy Porter) The Facts of Life: the creation of sexual knowledge in Britain, 1650-1950 (Yale UP 1995), and Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain since 1880 (Palgrave, 2nd edition 2012). This talk formed part of The National Archives’ Diversity Week.
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